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Friday 10 June 2016
@ The Cube Wodonga
Review by Brenna at Youth Project FReeZA, Wodonga

On the night of the FReeZA push start at The Cube Wodonga, people were getting pumped for our rising stars of Wodonga and surrounding areas. There were about 100 people present. The vibe was up-beat and joyful. 

First up we had Chelsea Reid who sang some good pop songs that got people going and pumped everyone up. People were up at the stage and dancing - this got people interacting with her music and having fun. Next up was Chelsea Knight who belted out some great original tracks accompanied by her guitar. She had a lot of support from the audience as well and really came across as a professional artist.  

Emma aka “Adelaide” was the third competitor to take the stage. She played some really chill music and rather than dancing crazily, the crowd really settled in and enjoyed the great vibe. Pozer was our fourth act to take the stage and they picked up the tempo again with their grunge/rock kind of music and this saw more people get up, dance and interact with each other and the band. These guys were our most popular on the night with most people at the event identifying Pozer as the band that they were here to support!

Green immunity were our last competitor. They has a really unique sound that the judges loved. The band calls it psychedelic rock, and it was pretty cool. Last to take the stage was Dread the Winter, and these guys were our headline act. They were a heavy metal band and progressed to the regional final following the 2015 competition. People were head banging and standing up close to the band and really loved welcoming them back to a local stage. 

While Dread the Winter was bringing down the house, the judges were making the gruelling decision of who was going to take out the top prize at the 2016 FReeZA Push Start Comp. The final result saw Green Immunity take out the top honours, and Chelsea Knight coming in second. Both competitors took home some great prizes and we’re excited to have Green Immunity represent Wodonga at the regional heat!

A band of stage at the FReeZA Push Start Heats Wodonga
A band of stage at the FReeZA Push Start Heats Wodonga.