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Melbourne based Mosé + The FMLY outside a convenience store.
Melbourne based Mosé + The FMLY outside a convenience store.

Mosé + The FMLY have been playing around the traps for some time now, kicking goals consistently along the way. Peter Stewart had a chat with the band while he was on work experience with The Push earlier this month.

How did Mose and the FMLY start out? What brought you all together?

We started 5 years ago, playing gigs around Melbourne. We all came together by meeting at school and at church. We basically came together as we love music, playing live and love jamming together, even though we come from different backgrounds.

Congratulations on your first EP coming out on the 6th of June! What do you think fans can expect from Slow Drip?

Mad love bro! Honestly it’s taken way too long for this to come out but we put pen to paper so to speak and got it done. We got some tracks we’ve been jamming for ages and some fresh content, so it’s real dope to finally get it out there.

What was your inspiration for this new EP?

New sounds – we experimented a lot, but really we just wanted to do it our way and not care what people thought. If you dig it, cool, if not, cool too. Lyrically it’s conscious, introspective with a little bit of love in there. Musically it’s comparable to old school N*E*R*D, with some real heavy influence and some future soul sounds.

We know that Mose + The FMLY have played 300+ shows in the last four years, is there any that stood out? Why?

Easily the season we played at The Espy over a summer supporting some real dope acts. Sydney Road Street Festival was another highlight, on a personal tip, heading over to the U.S. for a tour and playing in San Diego was one of the best things ever.

Has any particular artist/s influenced how your music is today? Who are they?

Most definitely. Our influences are diverse, we come from different backgrounds so we draw from different inspiration. Soul, heavy, house, hip-hop, we draw from good music. But we also draw from lifestyle, consciousness and the plight of the people in general, ok, I’m getting too deep. If you want particular artists, probably a mix of Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Deftones, Kendrick Lamar, too many to name.

What is Quince? How did you get the idea?

Quince started as a collaboration between Mosé + Melbourne DJ MorningMaxwell – we combined our interest in live music, club music and Melbourne. We wanted to put together a party that involved dope Melbourne talent on a big scale. We’re so amped for this and are collaborating with a bunch of artists to launch their projects too.

What do you all enjoy most about being in a band?

We’re all best friends so we usually make fun of each other a lot and we love to have a laugh. Each of our first loves is music and when we combine that together, it’s the best part of being in a band.

As a group, what is your biggest achievement so far?

Our biggest achievement is ahead of us.

You’re playing at New Slang pretty soon. What are you guys most excited about?

We’re about to test run our new show for the public. We’ve been busy rehearsing on a fresh show, so we’re excited to put something on the stage, which is easily one of our strengths. Also we’re keen to play with our 90sRD bruvva Baro as well as Francois and Dex.

Do you have any plans after Slow Drip and Quince? What are they?

Working on new music that will be out by the end of the year!

For more about Mosé + The FMLY, check out their Facebook.