Deep As F*X | Youth Central

Friday 9 October 2015
@ Craigieburn Youth Centre
Review by Bianca Jeyne-Welsh and Jay Mifsud from INK Entertainment (Hume City Council)

DEEP AS F*X was a spoken word poetry night that Hume FReeZA crew INK Entertainment organised and ran on October 9th and was aimed at youth aged 15 and up. The event was the first of its kind in the Hume area and the crew were quite nervous for how it was going to turn out. We prepared ourselves to only see 6 people join us, but overwhelmingly we got quite an awesome group of like-minded individuals who all expressed themselves through their words in extremely diverse ways.

Everyone in the room, from the youth workers to the people who just came to listen, were in awe of the passion all of our readers had. They were all extremely intriguing to listen to and were all very unique in how they were read and their style.