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A bit about Advance

Advance is a fun way to get actively involved in your local community.

If you are in Years 7 to 12 at a Victorian Government secondary school, you can get involved in the Advance program and have the chance to develop your leadership skills while having fun.

What Advance involves

Advance is broken down into five components

  • A community project or series of volunteering activities - delivered in partnership, with innovative approaches to program delivery are encouraged
  • Recognised training
  • Learning modules 1, 2 and 3 - community, communication and project management skill development
  • Young people involved in decision-making.
  • Recognition and celebration

Advanced modules simplified.doc

Advance program framework-cheatsheet.pdf

What sort of community activities will I do?

There's a whole range of activities young people are doing with lots of different community organisations. There are heaps of programs for you to choose from. For example, you can:

  • participate in a conservation program
  • get involved with the emergency services
  • help your local Surf Life Saving association
  • help the Red Cross
  • undertake animal welfare projects
  • run a community radio program
  • conduct sports clinics for primary school students.

Attached is some examples of what students have done in the past as part of Advance

Advance project profiles.doc

How will Advance benefit me?

We hope that by participating in this program:

  • You will develop skills to participate in your community.
  • You will be engaged in community activities.
  • Communities will support your engagement and participation.
  • You will have something great to add to your resume or university or TAFE application!
  • To find out more on how Advance can benefit you, read some case studies of Advance in action and read on to see what other young people have been doing in their community and how it has had a positive effect on their life.

Find out whether your school is involved in Advanced and how to participate

Below is a list of schools participating in the Advance program. If your school is not involved, speak to a teacher, co-ordinator or school counsellor and ask them to look at the program. It is not a competition to get a grant for your school or anything like that – any government school can become involved!

List of schools participating in Advance 2019.doc