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Alexander Biggs
Alexander Biggs.

Firstly, congratulations the release of ‘Tidal Wave’. It’s a great video! How have you found the response to be so far?  

There’s been a lot of interesting interpretations of the video so far. That’s something that came about when Sean (of The Sideways Monkey) and I were working out what we’d do for this release – what would fit but also lend itself to the song. We had all these crazy ideas and avenues to explore, but all that seemed to detract from the idea of the song, and from the multiple interpretations people already had of it. Keeping it not only vague and open, but quite simple meant we could produce something raw and close and with no frills, and I guess that’s been received well. It’s great to see after pulling a 24 hour production day to get it all ready.

It looks like you’ve been doing some really exciting things lately.  Any big plans for 2017?

2017 I think will be a year of hard work as well as cartharsis. The debut EP will be out, which I think will be a huge relief – I’ll finally be able to show the efforts of this year as well as move on into the new things I’ve been working on. Next year I’d love to step into some shows and touring, and getting more content out. A lot of folks have been asking for new tunes and I’m eager to get it to them.

Who’s been some of your favourite acts to share the stage with so far?

Everyone I play with has been incredible to be honest. I think Melbourne has a lot to offer, with some favourites being Mickey Cooper, Jackson Phelan of Rathammock, nyck, and The Peeks. Sydney’s great too. My first show there was supporting Ayla for her tour with locals Elki, and they were both incredible performers.

Some of your favourite bands or influences in general?

It varies! I love everything. Lately I haven’t been able to get enough of AdriAnne Lenker and her band Big Thief. Everything she writes is so honest and whole. Julia Jacklin’s debut album has been a great listen too – she has a great way of speaking her mind through her songs.

When you’re not playing music, what other things are you doing?

I get this one a little and to be honest I think it’s all I really do! Other hobbies would include cooking vegetables and seeing doggos out on the street. I like writing words on their own sometimes, but even the structuring of those can be quite musical in its phrasing at times.

What do you set out to achieve with your live performances and how do you feel when you’re performing on stage with a live audience?

An important part of performing live to me is getting into the moment, the now. I think it’s integral to giving a good performance, and I find my mind is so scattered when I don’t take the five minutes to tell myself where I am, and what I’m doing – where my mind should be. When I do that, I feel open and vulnerable, but in a way that’s mostly comfortable.

How do you come up with your material? Care to take us through a typical songwriting process?

The closest thing I can describe a solid writing process is that when I sit down with a guitar and play, the music comes from a place deep within me. Like a bottomless ocean of clarity, and that’s where the song can float and manifest itself so effortlessly.

Other times it can be difficult or frustrating, and I think that happens when I think too much about it, or stress about coming up with something. When I get in that mindset I feel restricted and helpless. I mostly experience the former, but everyone can have their days where they experience a creative drought. It’s important to push through that, because stressing about the drought just restricts you more.

What kinds of things do you like writing songs about? What comes easiest to you?

Songs that relate to my life come easiest. I find it’s just like letting my mind flow into music and whatever’s in there usually comes out.

Where can people find out more about your upcoming gigs and tunes?

Follow the Facebook, I reckon.