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Jungle Cuffs

Jungle Cuffs are that no holds barred punk rock band that you'll probably hear from very soon. In the form of belting tunes in your face. The all-female outfit from Melbourne has been gaining some serious traction recently, and we spoke to front woman Evie Vlah about what's been happening.

What bands would you say influenced your sound/attitude to the way you go about things, seeing as you're a relatively new band? 

Yeah, I think a big influence would be The Runaways with Joan Jet and Lita Ford. I think they would have been 16 or something when they started, and they didn't care about what be people thought and did everything by themselves which is really tough and inspirational for a band like us.

What's the song writing process for the band? Do you have certain element you like to start on?

So usually someone will come to rehearsal with a riff or some lyrics and we'll try to work something out from there, I mean we don't have a set process, so it feels pretty natural

You just released your first track "There's Eshays in My House", tell us about it

Yeah, it's a funny one hahaha. It's just a song we chucked together about Eshays (some rude bois according to Urban Dictionary) being in someone's house at a party and we find it pretty funny. There's a fat fuzz tone in it which we like and it's our debut single, so we wanted everyone to know that we were deeply connected to Eshays.

If you could pick any artist to go on tour or colab with, who would it be?

We froth Cherry Glazerr. They’ve got a really cool presentation and shred the shit out of whatever they're doing so yeah, we think they're pretty great.

As a group with a mainly underage following, do you feel like there are enough opportunities for underage bands to get gigs in Melbourne, and if not why?

Definitely not. Not enough at all. Most of our gigs after we played New Slang in October have been at pubs and no one we know has been able to come see us unless they sneak in earlier. That’s how it's been going down and it is really poor form. Who else can come when most of our friends are underage and they can't share the same experience with us having fun onstage and playing live. It makes us really mad if anything. There really needs to be more options for underage bands to play around town.

What Melbourne artists do you guys enjoy?

We definitely love Moody Beaches, Shrimpwitch… Oh and Body Type for sure they are awesome.

What are your plans for the future? Any new material in the works?

Shredding it up on stage basically. And hopefully we'll have a new single out around Christmas time!