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Introducing Hollow December - the winners of the most recent Push Start Series grand final! Find out what they're been up to since their performance on the Push stage at St Kilda Festival.

What’s the name of your band, who’s in it and where are you all from?

We’re Hollow December from Hobson’s Bay out in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Johnsen plays guitar and sings, Amos plays violin, Oli plays keys, Dylan plays bass and Luca hits some drums in time.

Briefly tell us the story behind your band and how long you’ve been making music and writing songs?

We’ve all been going to kinder/ primary school / high school together but in 2016 we all ended up in the same music class, which is where we started playing together and writing songs and became good mates in the process.

What are your band’s musical influences? Have they evolved from when the band first started out?

There are a few but the more obvious ones are Radiohead, Muse and The Cat Empire. Also we’ve developed a fascination with weird sounds and song structure since we started out, Radiohead is to blame for that.

You recently took out the title of the winners of the 2018 Push Start Competition at St Kilda Festival- congratulations!  How was that experience for you all?

To take out the title is nothing short of amazing. We’re really thankful of the Freeza committee in how much support they have given us and others throughout the years. We met some really cool people at St Kilda fest (Paper Tapir, check em out) so to come away with new friends and connections was an added bonus.

What are your favourite songs or albums for 2018 so far? What music are you most looking forward to this year?

So far we have heard some great new releases - UFO Go’s Nottoogoodthanks, UMO’s new stuff and Ball Park Music to name a few. Swooping Duck are set to release an album soon as well as Hiatus Kaiyote which we can’t wait for. Courtney Barnett’s singles have been pretty great too.  Arctic Monkeys' new release will be pretty exciting to hear!

If you had unlimited amounts of money, what would be your dream gig or tour?

A world tour with accompaniment from a live orchestra, programmed lighting and projections, and free tickets. Realistically any of the big venues around Melbourne would be awesome!

What’s the plan for your band in 2018? What will you be doing or working on?

We’ve just released our second EP ‘Darkroom’ which you can find links to on our Facebook. We’ll be recording a few singles which will be released throughout the year and end up on mini album of sorts.

Where can fans find out more about you and upcoming shows?

On our Facebook page which has links to the various platforms we are across: