Backing South Sudanese youth to be the best they can be | Youth Central

The Wyndham Community Support Group, now known as Junubi Wyndham, recently celebrated their first year of operation.

Junubi Wyndham connects South Sudanese young people with education, employment and their community through sport and recreation activities, mentoring, family support and youth outreach.

Young people take part in activities such as outdoor soccer and free basketball coaching to increase their confidence and discipline. They engage with youth workers who provide help and support in a safe environment.

Junubi Wyndham also offers a popular homework club at Point Cook Community Learning Centre.

The Community Support Group workers come from the South Sudanese community and offer tailored support for families – including help with financial management, job seeking, housing, parenting, and mental health.

The Victorian Government has provided additional funding for Junubi Wyndham to continue for another year and build on its success.