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Studying overseas is an exciting and entirely possible option, both for high school and university students.

The experience you gain from overseas study can be fun and rewarding and can also help to open up new and different career opportunities.

Students who have done all or part of their education in another country say that the experience has helped them gain maturity and to develop a better understanding of world affairs.

There are lots of websites out there that can help you to find out more about the possibilities for studying overseas (see the list of links at the end of this page for some ideas). Many universities also have a Study Abroad office that can assist students wanting to study overseas.

Finding the course you want

There are a few good places to check out to find out more about what courses are on offer in which countries.

The Federal Government's Study Overseas website has a lot of detailed information about what's involved and what's on offer in many countries in terms of study at high school and university level. 

Go Abroad has a Study Abroad searchable database of information about international study programs for lots of different countries. You can search for:

  • high school courses
  • programs that allow you to study for an entire degree
  • programs that allow you to specifically study English
  • post-graduate courses.

Finally, if you're already studying at a university or TAFE, ask around or check your institution's website to see if they have exchange programs with other universities overseas.

Getting financial help

Travel and course fees are expensive, but that doesn't mean that study overseas is limited to people who are rich. There are a number of schemes that can help you to be able to afford to undertake international study.

A lot of the organisations that organise international exchange for high school students also offer some form of scholarship. Three organisations that offer some kind of scholarship are:

These aren't the only organisations that offer scholarships – many other exchange organisations do as well.

The Federal Department of Education and Training has a list of international scholarships that are available to financially assist Australian students to study overseas. Browse through the list to find out which ones you can apply for.


Study Overseas
Federal Government website with a searchable directory of countries to study in and courses to study.

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange
Not-for-profit Australian organisation offering cultural exchange opportunities for high school students.

AFS Cultural Programs
Exchange organisation offering placements all over the world, and scholarships.

Youth For Understanding
Exchange organisation placing high school students in international schools.

Go Abroad - Study Abroad Directory
Information about countries to study in and courses to undertake.