This girl can

This Girl Can – Victoria, wants Victorian women to embrace physical activity. Whether it’s a little or a lot, what matters is for young woment to get some movement into their day.

Why is that important?

Because Victorian women have told the organisation VicHealth that a big reason why they dont try new activities or get involved in sport is for fear of being judged, or not being fit enough to start. Twice as many women than men also put off getting active because they’re worried about what other people think – how unfair is that?

Sports, gyms and moving are for everybody (literally, every body)!

It’s perfectly normal to get sweaty and messy when you’re having fun and getting active. Because moving and making time for your health doesn’t need to be a chore. And because there are so many options to find something that feels right for each young woman.

These girls can 


Dinasha, 19, was always told girls don’t play cricket. But she won’t cop that. She’s been playing the sport since she was a girl and believes it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not – it’s about having fun. She reckons juggling her two university degrees is almost as hard as hitting a six!


Dinasha, This Girl Can, transcript (DOCX)


Sabrin, 20 had always been told she couldn’t play basketball because she’s a girl. But coming from South Sudan, she’d played street ball so her ball skills were very good. For Sabrin, “it was a sport I could play wherever we went and helped me fit in… Who’s to stop me?”

Sabrin, This Girl Can, transcript (DOCX)