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FReeZA is an innovative youth development program that enables young people to enjoy fully supervised drug, alcohol and smoke-free events. Each year up to 400 FReeZA events are staged, with over 150,000 young people attending from across Victoria.

The FReeZA program is modelled on a youth participation approach. Young people join a local FReeZA Committee and lead the planning, development and delivery of music and cultural events in their community. FReeZA committees also provide important performance opportunities for local musicians and young artists.

FReeZA committees across Victoria organise drug and alcohol free gigs with live bands, dance parties and cultural events for young people aged 12 to 25, though most people who attend are between the ages of 14 and 18.

All FReeZA events are organised by a committee of young people for young people. You can tell your parent or guardian that all FReeZA events are supervised and the venues are safe.

Silouette of a live band playing on stage at a FReeZA event.
Silouette of a live band playing on stage at a FReeZA event.

FReeZA 2019-21 Grants Announced

Seventy-seven organisations across Victoria will share in grants of up to $73,500 for regional providers and $72,000 for metropolitan providers over the next three years to deliver music, cultural and recreational events for young people in their local community. 

“FReeZA is a great way for young people to get hands-on experience in setting up events - whether it‘s live music shows, BMX expos or art and short film competitions - but also to celebrate their talents and the contribution young people make to our state” said Minister Mikakos.

“I encourage all Victorians to get involved in the many FReeZA events that will roll out over the coming months.”

Read the attached listing of organisations that will receive funding to deliver the FReeZA 2019-21 program.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with FReeZA. You can:

If you want to get involved in staging FReeZA events in your community you should first contact your local FReeZA provider. FReeZA providers are usually based at your local council or other youth service providers.

Where can I find out about upcoming FReeZA events in my area?

You can find upcoming FReeZA events under the Gig Guide on the FReeZA website.

How much does it cost?

FReeZA providers are not-for-profit organisations, so they're not trying to make dollars at your expense. All the costs are kept as low as possible and the ticket sales are intended to cover the actual costs of staging the event.

You'll find that each event ranges in price from around $2 to $20, depending on the venue and the event, though most are around the $8 to $10 mark.


FReeZA Section on Youth Central
The FReeZA section is chock-full of information about forthcoming gigs and how to join a committee, interviews with people in the music industry, and tips on signing your band up to play a FReeZA gig.

Youth Affairs - Grants and Programs: FReeZA
The Victorian Government's FReeZA program is administered through the Department of Health and Human Services' Community and Economic Participation Branch.