Volunteering in Melbourne | Youth Central

There are lots of organisations in Victoria that are regularly looking for people to volunteer with them.

This isn't a list of all the organisations looking for volunteers. It's just supposed to get you thinking about where you could volunteer and the kind of work you could do.

To find even more organisations seeking volunteers (and get some tips about volunteering), visit I Can Do That, the Victorian Government's volunteering website.

For other volunteering opportunities, visit our Volunteer for an annual event page.

Arts & media organisations

  • Community Broadcasting Online - Find a community radio or TV station near you and contact them about volunteering opportunities.
  • FReeZA - Help organise a musical or artistic event in your local area.

Community support organisations

  • Girl Guides Victoria - The Guides are always on the lookout for women who'd like to help girls and young women grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.
  • Melbourne City Mission - Opportunities include homeless support, children's and youth services, education support, disability support and employment services.
  • Seeing Eye Dogs Australia - Opportunities to act as a puppy carer for 12-15 months. The puppies will go on to assist someone who is vision impared.
  • The Smith Family - Opportunities include on-line tutoring and traditional activities like packing Christmas hampers. 
  • Wesley Mission Victoria - Opportunities include running activities for young people with a disability and helping disadvantaged young people learn to drive.

Educational organisations

  • Museum Victoria - Volunteer opportunities are available at Scienceworks, the Melbourne Museum and at the Immigration Museum.

Environmental organisations

  • Clean Up Australia - Participate in Clean Up Australia Day or other Clean Up projects.
  • Conservation Volunteers - Browse a list of Victorian conservation projects you can volunteer for.
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA) - The CFA has a variety of volunteering opportunities, including some for junior volunteers.
  • Landcare - Find a Landcare group in your area and get involved in tree-planting and other ways of looking after the land.

Health organisations

  • Heart Foundation - Opportunities include the annual Door Knock Appeal, event organisation and participation, and project work for students.
  • St John Ambulance - Volunteers as young as eight can become St John first-aiders.

Social justice organisations