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Annelise, 25

Annelise uses her specialist knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to produce maps and plans about City Link. The computer-generated maps may be technical or basic - depending on who needs the map.

Fact file

Job description: Collects and provides information on and assists in the management of all issues relating to properties associated with the City Link Project; maintains a GIS database

Subjects studied: English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physical Education.

Further training: Annelise started a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physics) at RMIT and after one year, transferred into and completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Geomatics) at RMIT (4 years).

Salary: $35 000 - $85 000 (depending on qualifications and experience)


Whether it's taking a 22 km cruise along Melbourne's City Link, discussing compensation matters related to the tunnels, or using a computer to overlay mapped ground features on aerial photos - it's all in a day's work for Annelise.

Annelise is the Land Information Officer with the Melbourne City Link Authority (MCLA). The Authority oversees the design, construction, development and maintenance of the City Link Project.

"My main job is to maintain the Property database associated with the City Link Project. We use a Geographical Information System (GIS) that can incorporate all the information in the database to produce maps."

"I provide maps and plans to local councils, estate agents, and the general public. They may need these maps for purposes of discussion, debate or identification of subject land."
Annelise is currently focused on arranging for the disposal of land that was acquired for the City Link Project, but is not required in the lease. But, how do you dispose of 'surplus land'?

"The approximate area of land is determined by mapping it in the GIS," she explains. "Then, the land is valued and the Surveyor General's Office prepares accurate survey plans. The Authority's legal staff then prepare the relevant documentation for publication."

In the beginning, this 'lease/surplus issue' seemed a relatively logical task to Annelise, but it has proven to be a complex issue. Still, she finds it interesting working with the private companies, the Surveyor-General's Office and various other government agencies involved.

Tunnels with a twist

On a daily basis, Annelise deals with solicitors, valuers, accountants, engineers, administrators, financial advisers and media representatives. "It's all a bit of a buzz that keeps the interest factor going," she says.

"Another good thing about my job is, despite being stuck behind a desk in an office for most of the day, I deal with plans, maps and photos related to the 'outside' world. Otherwise, I'm driving all around the Link inspecting properties."

A highlight for Annelise was having the opportunity to walk through the Domain and Burnley tunnels before they were opened. Yet the biggest highlight was seeing the rectification works in the Burnley tunnel shortly after major cracks appeared.

Annelise enjoys her job now, but when she left school, she didn't plan on following her father's footsteps to become a surveyor. She was originally unsure what career path she wanted to take yet enjoyed studying physics at high school. So she began an Applied Science degree in Physics. After a year she realised she wanted a career that used physics and involved outdoor work so she chose surveying. Her interest in GIS then developed through her interest in the technology of mapping and computers.

Job specs

 Personal requirements

  • Good at mathematics 
  • Good organisational skills 
  • Able to work accurately and neatly 
  • Good health and good eyesight (corrected is acceptable) 
  • Able to work as part of a team 
  • Able to work independently.

Getting started

Find out more about a career in geomatic engineering:

Survey and Spatial Sciences Institute
Level 2, 13-21 Bedford St North Melbourne, VIC 3051
Tel: (03) 9326 9227

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