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Job Title: Data Modeller
Name: Jayson
Age: early 30s
Works for: Village Cinemas in Melbourne

"I love the fact that computers do exactly what they’re told!"

Tell us what do you do, Jayson

I work for Village Cinemas as a Data Modeller. Essentially Data Modelling is about making data flow around in the best possible way to address a company’s specific needs. My job at Village Cinemas sees me expanding on the company’s original systems to help report on the effectiveness of their marketing activities, like discount tickets and special promotions. I also make sure that data can be retrieved from our systems and loaded into other systems. There’s a bit of troubleshooting as well.

ICT. Where did it all begin for you?

I've always enjoyed computers and used to play heaps of games on them. I guess I’m a logical thinker by nature. By Year 10 I knew that I wanted to do something with computers but wasn’t really sure what.

Did you study?

I did a computing subject in Year 11, but my main subjects were Maths and Science. I thought I was going to be an astronomer for a while there! After school I completed a Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering at Monash University. Part of the course included having to do an internship. I already had a job in retail at Village Cinemas so I pestered the ICT department until they gave me some work experience. The work experience finished, but I never quite left! I started off in a support role and moved on up from there.

What skills do you need for your job?

Determination and attention to detail are good ones to start with. I also need to be able to conceptualise and problem solve. As far as the technical side goes I need to be familiar with the systems we use for modelling and know how to handle the data. The skills I learnt at uni have been useful but it’s more about having a basic understanding of how computers work. Finally I have to interact with clients and manage my time well.

What's an average day all about?

As a rule it’s pretty fast paced. Firstly I’ll check that the overnight data was successfully pulled back and loaded into the system. If there are any new system requirements I might be involved in the planning and implementation of those. I also often have to generate and alter new reports that are needed by Village. And of course there are loads of other activities, like questions and requests for help from other staff members.

What do you like about your job?

I really enjoy developing answers to specific problems. I also love the fact that computers do exactly what they're told!

What advice would you give someone thinking of a career in ICT?

The world is becoming more and more technology based. Expose yourself to the industry as much as possible. Don’t panic if you don’t have all the answers right away. Take a step back and work out how to get them.

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